Call to Leap: Reflecting and Looking to the Future

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A Retrospective

When we started this journey of bringing knowledge to people the different ways to gain financial independence through trading stocks, selling covered calls, and selling cash-secured puts, we found ourselves feeling excited for the people who would be learning life-changing trading techniques. We remembered when we first started selling covered calls and the feeling of how this would look if it were magnified. The prospect of going from selling 5 covered calls to 50 was what set the gears in motion.

Looking at feedback from those of you who are either considering or have taken our courses and consumed our subscriber-exclusive weekly content, we began to think about how we can evolve this entire experience to make developing skills for trading stocks and options more expedient and impressionable. When we thought about what we would have liked to have available to us when we were figuring everything out, it started to shape concepts in our minds and we want to share some of these thoughts which we expect to begin development on. Once again, we're very excited to bring these to you in the near future.

Simulation Modules

We often consider how useful it is to examine whether or not you really learned what you've learned by solely relying on quizzes. We feel like more can be done to really get the content of these lessons solidified in your minds. Simulation modules are like "labs" which let you experiment with hypothetical situations to see how the mechanics of options work. We also wanted to make it a sort of progress tracker to see how well you've faired with the decisions you've made by the end of the simulation. Many people are kinesthetic learners; you learn by doing. Simulations provide that kind of experience of learning by doing in a tightly packaged, fast-forwarded way. More to come on this!


We don't want to confuse people who are getting their feet wet with covered calls in our Level 1 courses so we avoided being overly technical with things. However, we understand that there are some folks who have grasped these concepts and are taking in weekly content as a means to get coached on weekly positions and are now looking for resources to help with decision making. Here's a few tooling ideas we're thinking about adding for our options traders:

  • Average returns estimator: Calculates hypothetical returns of a portfolio on what we teach based on risk tolerance/volatility

  • Options value estimator: Calculates the approximate returns of an options position

  • Backtester: Tests your trade strategies against historic data. This will most likely not start out as a full-blown backtesting tool but something that runs a handful of preset strategies through simulations against something like an ETF. We can scale it out depending on how popular it is and have it evolve to a more general back testing tool.

If you're reading the above ideas and you have no idea what they are, don't worry. We want to assure you that you don't need to use tooling or understand what they're for in order to create a steady stream of income based on what you're learning here. They're more like icing on the cake for more hardcore, technical traders.

Level 2

Yep. Level 2 was something we've planned to release for a while now. We wanted to teach more advanced concepts which we personally use in our own portfolios as a part of a suite of options strategies to maximize income. What are they? They have to do with:

  • LEAPs (long term options)

  • Calendar spreads

  • Credit spreads

If you're still learning how options work, these terms may be foreign to you. Our hope is to de-mystify these strategies by explaining the its mechanics and how they work in conjunction with everything you've learned in Level 1. The idea is to create what we like to call "cycles" to funnel cash back into the portfolio to buy more stocks and open more options positions, creating a ridiculous exponential compounding effect. Once you've reached that tipping point of the exponential curve, your portfolio essentially skyrockets from that point on.

We really want to bring this out as soon as possible because we believe that people can potentially benefit greatly from this knowledge. We want to share what we did as well as our pitfalls so you don't have to experience the pain points we did when we first started.

In Conclusion

If you haven't read our Mission Statement yet, it serves as a foundation with which these ideas spring forth. We truly in our hearts believe that people attaining financial independence creates a better society as a whole and we hope that it gets paid forward to others who want to achieve the same goal. You don't have to be a genius to start. The only things you need are the right mindset, willingness, discipline, and some cash to start up your own portfolio.

Happy trading and take care!

Call to Leap Team

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