Make $209 in 5 Minutes by Selling Covered Calls!

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

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Whew! What a wild ride so far with earnings this month. If you are part of our Level I Membership, you know that earnings season is a great time to sell covered calls because of all the high premiums from the higher implied volatility! Here's a little snapshot of what our members made in 5 minutes by selling a covered call on Monday without having to stare at multiple monitors and complicated charts.

Investing and selling covered calls is easy, but it does take skill and practice. Many of our members are making hundreds to thousands of dollars each month by learning how to strategically trade and sell covered calls on fundamentally strong stocks. If you aren't a member yet, take action and start your membership with us now. Remember, we are here to guide you with building positive, wealth habits and reaching financial freedom in a couple of years. You can ask us questions each week and we'll answer them in our Q&A videos! Click here to start investing to build your wealth and selling covered calls to generate income each month!

Happy trading and investing!

-Call to Leap Team

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