😴Make Money When You Sleep?

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Hi Friends! You probably heard the news about what's happening in the stock market and how some companies are planning on splitting their stocks. You also probably know the buzz in the political world with our election coming up in the next coming months. Though there are some companies still suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic and are having their shares plummet to the ground, there are a handful of companies with strong fundamentals that have their share prices about to skyrocket to the moon. Click here to sign up for our membership and we'll show you how to play this new bull market in a safe and disciplined way! We'll show you our exclusive list of hot stocks that are currently in favor by Wall Street. We'll also show you how to sell covered calls and cash-secured puts to generate hundreds to thousands of dollars each month. Oh and did we mention that it's super easy to do on your phone?

This is what one of our members made this week with selling a cash-secured put on Microsoft MSFT just by spending 5 minutes on her phone:

Don't be fooled with the decimal point! Cash-secured put sellers know that each contract is 100 shares, which means that our member made $395 in 5 minutes. Now let's think bigger picture, what if you are able to sell 10 contracts? You would make a whopping $3,950! What job can help you make $3950 in 5 minutes on your phone?

Building wealth is all about knowing how make money when you sleep, and the stock market is the easiest path to help you get to financial freedom much faster than you think.

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