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Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Hi friends,

Last week plateaued at the end of week but the overall rally throughout the week was pretty strong!

Here's how the indices looked by market close on the past Friday (8/7/20):

  • Dow Jones Industrial Average: 27,433.48 +46.50 (+.17%)

  • S&P 500: 3,351.28 +2.12 (+.06%)

  • Nasdaq: 11,010.98 -97.09 (+.87%)

  • Russell 2000: 1,569.18 +24.56 (+1.59%)


Here's a handful of earnings coming up in the following week (8/10/20-8/14/20): 8/10/2020:

  • DUK


  • SYY


  • CSCO


  • AMAT Cisco (CSCO) is one of the higher dividend yield stocks on the Dow 30. Let's track how they're doing:

  • Last 4 earnings report:

  • 2019Q3: Beat

  • 2019Q4: Beat

  • 2020Q1: Beat

  • 2020Q2: Beat

  • 2-year EBITDA

  • 2018: Improved from 2017

  • 2019: Improved from 2018

  • Technicals:

  • 3-month: ~ +11.48%

  • 1-year: ~ -9.66%

  • 5-year: ~ +67.86% 

If you're not aware, Cisco is a Silicon Valley tech company, specializing in networking and telecom hardware. Although their dividend yields are quite handsome, they had a sluggish Q4 in 2019 due to lowered guidance. Remember how we talked about paying attention to guidance? While it's nice to see earnings beating estimates every quarter, low guidance can just be as impactful, if not more so. If you don't remember, it's how we grade performance of an investment as one of the basics of fundamental analysis. Log back in and do your homework if you need a recap! If you want to take a step further, beyond learning about doing basic fundamental analysis, check out our Level 1 Courses!

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- Call to Leap Team

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