S&P 500 hits 52 week highs AGAIN ⬆️⬆️⬆️

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Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers out there. As a gift, here's the 5 week results of the Dow 30, S&P 500, and the Nasdaq:

I must break you
  • Dow Jones 30: 34,777.76 (2.67%, year-to-date: 13.63%)

  • S&P 500: 4,232.60 (1.23%, year-to-date: 12.69%)

  • Nasdaq: 13,752.24 (-1.51%, year-to-date: 6.70%)


The jobs front

April's jobs report came up short as unemployment rates was a little bit higher (at 6.1%) than the estimated 5.8%, with fewer jobs added than expected. Despite this, the S&P 500 and Dow 30 are at all time highs.


Holding that Texas tea hostage

This past Friday, hackers stole data in bulk and locked down computers using ransomware (a practice of holding data or access hostage until the victim coughs up the cash) against Colonial Pipeline hoping to score big at the pipeline's expense. The Georgia-based petroleum company transports hundreds of millions of gallons of gasoline per DAY was forced to shut down on Friday to figure out their next move. Make sure you conserve your gas, everyone.


Waive Covid vaccine patents goodbye

President Biden supported waving patents to the Covid in an effort to proliferate Covid vaccines globally, with hopes to enable poorer countries the capabilities to develop vaccines without spending time and insurmountable resources in research.


Future Earnings

Another reminder from last week what we can expect within the next couple of weeks for earnings:

  • The Walt Disney Company (DIS) on 13th May 2021

  • Home Depot (HD) on 18th May 2021

  • Walmart (WMT) on 18th May 2021

  • Cisco Systems (CSCO) on 19th May 2021

  • Salesforce.com (CRM) on 27th May 2021


Home Depot (HD)

Home Depot is back for earnings once more. Its most recent EPS estimates was beat only marginally by .03 (2.65 over 2.62). With its next earnings on the horizon, let's nail down its fundamentals!

Annual Top-Line Revenue:

  • 2017: $94.6B

  • 2018: $100.9B

  • 2019: $108.2B

  • 2020: $110.23B

  • 2021: $132.11B

Last 4 Earnings Result (from most recent):

  • Beat

  • Beat

  • Beat

  • Miss

Historical Stock Returns:

  • 3-month: 21.3%

  • 1-year: 45.79%

  • 5-year: 150.2%

We don't have to remind you by now that HD is a part of the Dow 30, a set of dividend-paying stocks with an emphasis on "steady" growth. Let's see where it'll end up after the next report!


Who competes with HD?

Home Depot's major competitors are Lowe's (LOW), Walmart (WMT), Target(TGT), and Amazon (AMZN).


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