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Hi friends,

Indexes went into the red for the 5-day record from 6/14/2021 to 6/18/2021. Markets are giving it a good stretch right now:

I must break you
  • Dow Jones 30: 33,290.08 (-3.45%, year-to-date: 8.77%)

  • S&P 500: 4,166.45 (-1.91%, year-to-date: 10.93%)

  • Nasdaq: 14,030.38 (-0.28%, year-to-date: 8.86%)


Cash out

Jerome Guillen, ex-president of Tesla as of this month, dumped around 450,000 shares of Tesla throughout the month of June (over a quarter BILLION worth of shares). What a massive payday for the ex-exec.


Back to the table

Talks in Vienna are underway around the Iran nuclear deal, with Iran and the U.S. leading the charge in figuring things out, with Russia, China, the UK, Germany, France, and the EU to be a part of the round table.


Vaccines to Taiwan

2.5 million doses of Moderna just got shipped over to Taiwan after a brief stint in a rise of daily cases. With the additional doses in tow, sunny days are ahead.



Let's drop earnings for the coming week:

  • Nike Inc (NKE): 2021-06-24 After Market Close (Estimated EPS: 0.76)

  • Darden Restaurants (DRI): 2021-06-24 Before Market Open (Estimated EPS: 0.7)

  • FedEx Corporation (FDX): 2021-06-24 After Market Close (Estimated EPS: 3.26)

  • Carnival Corp (CCL): 2021-06-25 Before Market Open

  • Carmax Inc (KMX): 2021-06-25 Before Market Open (Estimated EPS: 1.26)

  • Paychex Inc (PAYX): 2021-06-25 Before Market Open (Estimated EPS: 0.94)


Nike (NKE)

Nike's earnings is coming up and it's time to refresh our fundamental analysis for it. With sales offloading into the current quarter due to issues with logistics, Nike is poised to do well in the coming quarter. Whether or not supply chain can affect reports negatively remains to be seen but it is something to look out for.

Annual Top-Line Revenue:

  • 2016: $32.46B

  • 2017: $34.25B

  • 2018: $36.36B

  • 2019: $39.12B

  • 2020: $37.42B

Last 4 Earnings Result (from most recent):

  • Beat

  • Beat

  • Beat

  • Miss

Historical Stock Returns:

  • 3-month: -6.7%

  • 1-year: 28.45%

  • 5-year: 136.79%

With the last several earnings beat, it's a good thing to keep an eye out. Remember to play it safe and don't go all in!


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