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Updated: Aug 14, 2021

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Hi friends,

This week the indexes hit new records! It's always nice to see the market rise higher...Times like these remind us about the long-term picture of investing. Stay disciplined, consistent and awesome 🙂. Speaking of awesome, let's take a look at how the indexes ended this week:

Here's a look at the 5-day change for ETF's SPY (or the S&P 500), DIA (or the Dow 30), and QQQ (or the Nasdaq 100).

SPY : 0.48%, closed at $442.49

DIA : 0.46%, closed at $352.09

QQQ : 0.48%, closed at $368.05


Hold the loan 💵 📞

The Biden administration extends pausing federal student loan payments through the end of January 2022. Debt is a difficult obstacle to overcome. Consider setting up a budget and staying disciplined and consistent 👍🏽.


Grillin' Stocks 🥩📈

WEBER went IPO this week! Weber is a company that sells BBQ grills and accessories. Although we all enjoy a nice cookout, consider staying on the lookout for our investing criteria.


Masks in Session 😷 👨‍🏫

Two of the biggest school districts being New York and Los Angeles, have mandated students and staff to wear masks during the Fall semester. Please refer to the CDC for current guidelines.



Here's earnings for the upcoming week:

Berkshire (BRK.B): 2021-08-13 Before Market Open (Estimated EPS: 2.52)

Walt Disney (DIS): 2021-08-12 After Market Close (Estimated EPS: 0.56)

eBay Inc (EBAY): 2021-08-11 After Market Close (Estimated EPS: 0.79)

Sysco Corp (SYY): 2021-08-10 Before Market Open (Estimated EPS: 0.56)

Dish Network (DISH): 2021-08-09 Before Market Open (Estimated EPS: 0.9)

Tyson Foods (TSN): 2021-08-09 Before Market Open (Estimated EPS: 1.77)

Apartment Investment (AIV): 2021-08-09 Before Market Open


The Walt Disney Company (DIS)

Disney without a doubt, dominates business. The company has multiple streams of income that include film production, online streaming (Disney+), merchandise, theme parks, resorts and even cruise lines. Disney is international and has such an enormous, loyal customer base. Disney is also continuously innovating and strives to provide the best customer experience. This company has been and continues to be a part of culture. Many of you may remember seeing Disney movies as a kid or even still watch them today. Although DIS is a great company, its future faces obstacles. The pandemic has shaken this company up due to travel restrictions and covid regulations. Let's revisit their fundamentals to see if they're still magical ✨🐭🏰✨

Annual Revenue:

  • 2020-10-03 : $65.39B

  • 2019-09-28 : $69.57B

  • 2018-09-30 : $59.43B

  • 2017-09-30 : $55.14B

  • 2016-09-30 : $55.63B

Earnings History:

  • 2021-05-13 : beat (Estimate: 0.27, Actual: 0.79)

  • 2021-02-11 : beat (Estimate: -0.41, Actual: 0.32)

  • 2020-11-12 : beat (Estimate: -0.7, Actual: -0.2)

  • 2020-08-04 : beat (Estimate: -0.64, Actual: 0.08)

Historical Stock Price Returns:

  • 3-month : -2.67%

  • 1-year : 39.51%

  • 5-year : 84.29%

The Walt Disney Company (DIS) Max Chart (Yahoo Finance)

We can see that over time, DIS has trended higher. Their annual revenue slightly decreased in 2017 and then dropped in 2020. This drop could be due to the pandemic stopping its major streams of income. It has had some difficulty beating the pandemic, but has delivered consistent beats during its last four earnings. This may suggest that DIS is bouncing back, but the pandemic continues to be a major obstacle for this company moving forward. With such uncertainty in times like these, it is difficult to see the direction of this company. Are you uncertain on how to make money during neutral markets or how to make higher returns on your investments during bull markets? Join our level 1 and 2 courses to learn how we utilize the wheel strategy and LEAPs!


Who Competes with DIS?

A few of DIS's competitors include Netflix (NFLX), Comcast Corporation (CMCSA) and Fox Corporation (FOXA).


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