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Updated: May 28, 2021

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Major market indexes ended up mixed, with the S&P 500 down just a little under half a percent during the 5 day track.

I must break you
  • Dow Jones 30: 34,207.84 (-0.51%, year-to-date: 11.77%)

  • S&P 500: 4,155.86 (-0.43%, year-to-date: 10.64%)

  • Nasdaq: 13,470.99 (0.31%, year-to-date: 4.52%)


Bitcoin swing up or swing down? Yes.

"Whipsaw" is putting it very lightly when we're talking about the swings in Bitcoin in the past week. From Elon Musk to foreign nations' disdain for Bitcoin, one small action or opinion from someone somewhere triggers a butterfly effect type of a near-nonsensical double-digit percentage swings at any given second. At the EXACT time of this article's writing (because it literally go in any direction the minute I publish this article), it's down nearly 30% from the start of last week.


Time to roll the credits

In a recent statement, AMC's top shareholder (Dalian Wanda Group) dumped its shares of AMC in the last couple of weeks, making a sizable return from its initial investment but leaving no major shareholder in the company's stock. And you thought the AMC drama was over...


Covid around the world

Last week, India reported new daily cases of Covid hovering around the quarter-million range per day. It's an improvement from early May where daily cases hit 400k but still a staggering number. Let's hope we can all get past this soon and see brighter days ahead!


Future Earnings

With most big earnings out of the way, there's a couple stragglers to consider:

  • Best Buy Co., Inc (BBY) on 27th May 2021

  • Salesforce.com (CRM) on 27th May 2021


Salesforce (CRM)

Salesforce's strong cloud presence in customer management services continue to operate at somewhat stable levels as earnings approach on the 27th this coming Thursday. Here's the fundamentals:

Annual Top-Line Revenue:

  • 2017: $8.39B

  • 2018: $10.54B

  • 2019: $13.28B

  • 2020: $17.1B

  • 2021: $21.25B

Last 4 Earnings Result (from most recent):

  • Beat

  • Beat

  • Beat

  • Beat

Historical Stock Returns:

  • 3-month: -8.88%

  • 1-year: 22.3%

  • 5-year: 175.5%

A little bit shaky in the 3-month period but still a worthy consideration given the longer-term scope. With recent product innovations (see chatbot), Salesforce seeks to hold its dominance in the near future. I mean, their ticker is "CRM", after all. Keep yourselves tuned in for earnings.


Who competes with CRM?

Salesforce's competitors are Microsoft (MSFT), HubSpot Inc (HUBS), and Oracle Corporation (ORCL).


Discord Launched!

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