📈When You Check Your Portfolio Every 30 Seconds During Corrections📉

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Hi friends,

Historical volatility is up and it looks like we've gone into correction territory. Remember to do your research and don't be fooled by "panic sell" articles.

I must break you

We have the five day report ending on 2/27/2021:

  • Dow Jones 30: 30,932.37 (-1.78%, year-to-date: 1.06%)

  • S&P 500: 3,811.15 (-2.45%, year-to-date: 1.47%)

  • Nasdaq: 13,192.35 (-4.92%, year-to-date: 2.36%)


Quite a few earnings coming in next week:

  • NRG (1st Mar 2021)

  • PRGO (1st Mar 2021)

  • XRAY (1st Mar 2021)

  • AZO (2nd Mar 2021)

  • HPE (2nd Mar 2021)

  • ROST (2nd Mar 2021)

  • TGT (2nd Mar 2021)

  • BF.B (3rd Mar 2021)

  • DLTR (3rd Mar 2021)

  • AVGO (4th Mar 2021)

  • COO (4th Mar 2021)

  • COST (4th Mar 2021)

  • GPS (4th Mar 2021)

  • KR (4th Mar 2021)


AutoZone (AZO)

AutoZone is one of the U.S.'s (with international influence) premier aftermarket automotive parts retailer. When a retail corporation has thousands of stores running strong, it must be doing something right. We'll break down the numbers to see if it peels out into lofty gains:

Annual Top-Line Revenue:

  • 2016: $10.64B

  • 2017: $10.89B

  • 2018: $11.22B

  • 2019: $11.86B

  • 2020: $12.63B

Last 4 Earnings Result (from most recent):

  • Beat

  • Beat

  • Beat

  • Beat

Historical Stock Returns:

  • 3-month: 4.05%

  • 1-year: 17.99%

  • 5-year: 47.85%


Who's in the same space as AutoZone?

AutoZone is in the same arena as CarMax (KMX), AutoNation (AN), O'Reilly (ORLY), and Penske Automotive Group (PAG).


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